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Every product has
a story to tell

Tell your complete product story
just with ONE QR Code

QR Code generator
for products and ULRs
Tell your complete product story
just with ONE QR Code Scan

Every product has
a story to Tell

Tell your complete product story just
with ONE QR Code

STT- Scan to tell
QR Code generator

Stepping up the QR Code generation
and your marketing to NEXT LEVEL.

  • Create One dynamic QR Codes, including ALL URLs, videos, files, photos, text, etc
  • No need for pre-live URL, domain or hosting
  • Customers can send one-click messages about the specific scanned products
  • STT smart app for Android and iOS digitizes personal physical stuff

STT-Scan to Tell QR Code generator
offers you the limitless possibilites to
experiment with your ideas

Why do I need to use STT-Scan to
Tell dynamic QR Code generator
for my business?

Product owners seek innovative ways to engage customers in real-time. However, creating live product websites, their dynamic QR Codes, and offering quick responses remains challenging.

STT – Scan to Tell technology provides one stop solution. Generate a single QR Code containing all possible product information without requiring a website URL, hosting, or domain.

Additionally, the STT smart app enables customers to save products in their digital wallet and facilitates real-time communication, differentiating your brand in the market.

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Track your each and every
produced unit in the market with our production QR Code generator

Use STT Production
QR Code generation

FREE with every plan

As many as you want for
your entire production

Generate Dynamic
QR Code easily for URL, vCard and other

Enjoy complimentary
QR Code creation with every plan

QR Code
QR Code

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Social Media
QR Code

Grow your
client family with
all-in-one STT- QR Code

Your one-stop
marketing solution

I am new to STT
QR Code generator

What should I know about?

Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages and differences between the STT QR Code generator and others?

STT QR Codes can include multiple elements dynamically, unlike typical QR codes with just a single element (like a URL or image). They don’t need a live URL, hosting, or domain, and you can access all encoded data on your smartphone. Advantages include easy product interaction, seamless user experience, comprehensive scanning analytics, and storage in a specially designed digital wallet.

What kind of QR Code can I create with STT QR Code generator?

It provides three types:

  • Article QR Code: For specific products, including user manuals, certificates, company details, and more, all in one QR code without needing a live URL or hosting.
  • Production QR Code: Generate bulk QR codes for your article, including batch number, vendor, production date, expiration date, and all product information from the Article QR Code.
  • Personal QR Code: Standard QR codes carrying one entity at a time, such as a URL, text, email, phone, SMS, calendar, Wi-Fi, and more.

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How can STT QR Codes help me to enhance my marketing campaigns?

STT QR Codes let you include text, URLs, social links, photos, videos, and files in a single code without needing a URL or hosting. Content updates without changing the QR Code. Customers can interact with the product anytime and store the code in a digital wallet via the STT app, enhancing engagement, refining marketing, and boosting ROI. For more information, CLICK HERE

What is the STT digital wallet and how can I digitalise my personal physical stuff?

The STT smart app provides a customized digital wallet for users to create categories, store physical items, QR codes, documents, and photos, set reminders, and enjoy other features.

To digitize items:

  • Online:Press save on the STT platform, update details, add/remove pictures, select a category, upload files, and save.
  • Offline:Take photos of items, name them, select a category, add notes, set expiry dates, upload documents like invoices or warranty cards, and save.

Your items will be stored in your chosen category, viewable, editable, and shareable anytime.

How does STT Technology connects customers digitally with the products and companies?

STT allows consumers to interact with products by scanning their QR codes. Through the STT smart app’s product-specific chat feature, users can ask questions or file complaints directly. After scanning the QR code, they can click “Click to connect Now,” type their message, and send it. The message, along with product and user details, is forwarded to the company, enabling easy two-way communication.

Why STT QR Code generators is better than others?

Standard QR codes can store only one entity at a time, requiring multiple QR codes for different information, which is frustrating for clients and difficult to manage. STT solves these issues by allowing multiple entities in one QR code without needing a live URL, domain, or hosting. CLICK HERE to learn more.

How do STT-generated QR Code contribute towards sustainability?

STT QR Codes reduce the need for printed materials by incorporating all information into a single QR code. They also enable sharing information about your products’ and company’s sustainability efforts CLICK HERE to read the full tutorial on how STT QR codes help with sustainability.

STT- Scan to tell QR
Code Technology

Your one-stop
marketing solution

STT provides the opportunity to manage products
infos, QR Code and seamless customer product user
journey under one platform...all just with ONE QR
Code..NO website is required

QR Codes

A comprehensive solution to
create QR Codes for Articles
as well as for their entire

  • ALL possible product data in one QR Code
  • No website is needed
  • Dynamic public and private data control
  • Traceability for every produced unit
  • Deep Scanning analytics

Personal QR Codes

QR Code solutions for
individuals and
with every plan

  • Complementary with every plan

  • Dynamic and static QR Code

  • Types include, URL, Business card, Email, Text, SMS, Phone, WIFI, Calendar

  • Advanced scanning analytics


Digitalise your physical stuff
in personalised smart wallet

  • Saving the scanned products and QR Codes with your credentials
  • Saving off line physical stuff
  • Warraty and other personalised alarms
  • Dynamic QR Code creation