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Web URL QR Code

Websites are as essential as store front in today’s digital work. It serves a strong medium for the companies to deliver their information to their customers and also to exchange with them. In today’s busy life no one have time to search or type the complete web URL to visit it. So, the web URLs are converted to dynamic QR codes, which the user upon scanning will automatically get the encoded web URL. You can make QR code for any kind of web URL such as, your company web site, social media pages, google forms, mobile apps, feedback form any URL you want. Unfortunately, here you can include only one URL at one time in one QR code, however if you want to add more than one web URLs in one QR code, check out HERE our article QR Code generator. STT generated web URL QR Codes helps to attract more and more customer, promoting your web sites, engaging your social media fans club, to download your Apps and so on. Click HERE to see all other benefits for

Text QR Code

STT text QR code will enables you to save your and your customers time and money in many ways. Once you have created the text QR Code to convey your message, you do not need print text on paper and distribute to your customer. You can advertise the STT generated text QR Code anywhere digitally as well as in print media. Digitally you can place it on your web sites, social media, share on different messengers and so on. In print media, you can place it on banners, in newspapers, in personal letters, in your catalogue books as many ways as you want. The STT generated Text QR code is totally dynamic as per your choice, means that once you have created the Text QR Code, you can change the text content without changing the QR Code. However, this Text QR Code will only contain the text message which you have incorporated to this. If you want to add more to this QR Code, visit our Article QR Code generator.

Email QR Code

Generating the QR Codes for emails is very beneficial and time saving. In every day busy schedule most of the time it becomes very difficult to compose the Emails. STT Email QR Code generator provides the solution for this. Whenever you have time, You can create your Email QR Code with STT personal QR Code generator, with the Email address and the text as you want. Upon scanning the QR Code, you and any of your colleague will get the Email address as well as the added text, which you can send at once.

For sure, it reduces the time needed to sit on the system and write the Email. It also makes the process easy and very fast. You can use the Email QR Code for different purposes such as Email marketing, sending bulk Emails, engaging your more customers and so on.


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Short messaging Services (SMS) is a very effective tool for phone marketing. Now a days it seems difficult to type the complete text for a SMS and then to send it. With STT technology, you can make the SMS QR Codes, which allows to entrench the required text as well the phoner number for the SMS. Upon scanning the SMS QR Code, you will get all of the text as well as phone number to whom the SMS is sent to be.

Using SMS QR Code will save your time and efforts resulting in you to be more organised and with more peace of mind. You can use the SMS QR Code for different purposes, like SMS marketing, to enhance the interaction with your customers and so on. The STT generated SMS QR Code is completely dynamic, it means that you can change the text as well as phone number any time without changing the QR Code itself.

Calendar QR Code

Now a days it is very common to share the event details digitally, however it does not look nice to write event name, dates, location as well as the event description in messenger chat box and then send it to other. It is also difficult for the print media readers to read and digest all of these infos. Now you can overcome this problem with STT technology by using the Calendar QR Code generator. Here you can include the event name, event dates, location as well little description for this event in one QR Code. Upon scanning this calendar QR Code, people will get all of the infos at once on their smart phones, which they can read very easily as well as save to their STT smart wallet in our STT Smart App. In STT smart App users can retrieve the calendar QR Code any time as well as put alarm on it.


Internet is an integral part of our today’s digital life and WIFI is an important device for this. It is always good to protect your WIFI with a password. However, most of the time it is annoying to enter the WIFI name, type the long and complex password for your clients and guest. You can make your clients comfortable to connect the WIFI by just scanning the STT generated WIFI QR Code.  It is very easy to create the WIFI password using STT personal QR Code generator. On the platform you have the option to give the name for the WIFI / network, password to connect as well as select the different WIFI types. With STT WIFI QR Code generator it is possible to hide or unhide the password for your end users. Once the users scan the STT generated QR Code, all of the WIFI data with name, password as well as WIFI type will appear on their smart phones. From there the users can connect to the WIFI just by clicking a button.

My personal QR Code

Presenting yourself matters a lot, no matter what the place and situation is. People use fancy of paper printed visiting cards to introduce themselves. There are many drawbacks for paper printed visiting cards like only limited amount of infos can be written, people do not bother to keep it and so on. Now you can digitalise your personal infos like your Name, address, contact number, Email as well as your short introduction. Just use our STT my QR Code generator, where you can put all of your these infos and generate the QR Code. Upon scanning your personal QR Code, people will get all of your fed infos on their smart phones, which they can read and share to any one on line. Later on if they want, can save it in their STT smart wallet in our STT smart APP.



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Benefits for using STT Personal QR Code generator

Dynamic as you want

STT Personal QR Code generator offers you the opportunity to make the dynamic QR Codes for web URL, Text, Email, Phone, SMS, Calendar, WIFI and your Personal QR code. These generated QR Codes are totally dynamic as you expect. This means that you can change the QR Code content any time without changing the QR Code. There is also the choice for static QR code, however better is to choose for dynamic QR code. Being dynamic means that you can convey any message to your clients without changing the QR code and even without letting them to know about this.

Saving the QR Code in your digital wallet

If you have scanned large number of QR Codes and all lies in your scanning history of any scanning App, and one day you need to find and use a specific QR code. It is almost impossible to search that particular QR Code without any hassle and use it. STT technology have brought up the very innovative solution for this. Now you can save your desired QR Code generated from STT platform as well as from any other source in our STT Smart App with the given name, category / sub category, files, remarks, images as well as with many other options. Click HERE to see how you can save your QR Code in your personalised digital wallet and can find it with just few clicks when needed.

More organized with complete control

STT web URL QR code generator is much more organised than ever before, where you can give your QR code the lovely name, put in the desired category, play and pause it’s publishing any time as well as delete it. STT QR code generator provides you all of your Personal generated QR Codes in a well organised listing where you have the complete visibility and many controls.

Deep scanning analytics

STT QR Code generating technology gives you the complete scanning analytics for your generated QR Code. Here you will get the overall scanning analytics for all of your generated QR Code as well as for one particular QR Code like total scans, country wise and operating system wise scans. In addition to this you will get time wise graphical scanning analytics as per your selected time range.

When you are using STT with enterprise package, then you have the privilege to create sub logins These sub logins will work independently and you as the master login can see the overall scanning data as well for the individual logins and their respective QR Code.