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Optimizing your marketing campaigns

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Marketing campaigns optimization an important step in product sale

Marketing campaigns optimisation is very important for every product to sell. It is an ongoing process which is to be analysed, monitored and tailored on regular bases to get the desired results. In this digital age almost all of the market campaigns are optimised based upon customers digital and social media data. Companies run different adds with different tag lines, different pics and different lay outs in different times and regions just to study their customers behaviour towards a specific product. After that the data about the customers engagement for these adds is collected and based upon this data next strategy is planned.

Digital marketing gathering data for future marketing plans

Marketing campaigns optimisation is important for every product to sell. It is an ongoing process which is to be analysed, monitored and tailored on regular bases to get the desired results. In this digital age almost all of the market campaigns are optimised based upon customers digital and social media data. However, we all are missing very important link to connect the customers with the physical product digitally. It means product can do its marketing by itself, if we are able to provide all of the product information right-handed digitally on the smart phone just with one scan. Scan to Tell (STT) dynamic QR Code generator enables your product to speak with the customers by itself and convince them to buy.

In regular digital marketing now a days, adds and campaigns, we show our adds to these persons which do not have any interest in our products and do not want to buy. That is why most of them do not click on the ads and look for further infos. So, in actual it should be in such a way that the product information should be passed on to the exact customers on the right time especially when they are looking to buy that product. Once the customer is able to know all about the product on right time and your data is so attractive and convincing that it can influence customers buying decision as well as give their feedback about your product to use it further in your marketing drive planning. That is the real data which you will get for your further marketing from your real on board and potential customers.

Problem with the present digital and print media marketing

Providing customers, the product data in paper printed format does not make any sense in this digital age. People do not bother to read all the text papers and also it is not sustainable. So, the only way is to communicate the product data digitally at the right time once the customers are holding the product in their hands. At present people are doing this with the help of product page web URL QR Code.

Although people are practicing this system, however, it has some serious drawback which handicap it to be more dynamic as it is to be in this fast-moving time. First of all, you have to buy the domain, secure the hosting and then develop the web page with all of the product information. This is not as dynamic as per your need. This reduces the freedom of the data gathering and your market campaign optimisation.

Another drawback with the present QR code generators is that the QR Code can carry one entity at one time, like only one web URL, one video, one image or image gallery, one downloadable file and so on. If the companies want to market their products through QR code along with the company introduction, social media channels, their quality and compliance certificates and any other infos. They have to make more than one QR Codes for every single entity and attach with the product. It is so annoying to scan many QR Codes for one product to get all complete product and the company information to make your buying decision.

STT- a cutting edge tool for your marketing campaigns optimisation

STT dynamic QR Code generator have brought the innovative solution for this where you can embed all of your texts, web URLs, videos, files anything and everything you want just in one QR Code. Once the customers scan only one QR code, they will get all the data on their smart phones instantaneously which you want to convey them in a very well and organised manner. On top of that STT QR Code generator platform gives you the complete control, on your content to hide or show and add or delete any content any time just with one click. Here at STT QR Code generator you do not need to have a domain, buy the hosting plans and hire the expensive web developer for your product micro web sites making and handling. This all you can do by yourself very easily at STT platform.

Additionally, STT technology provides very easy and fast digital communicating channel for your customers for the particular product in question. It is done just by one button click in the same QR Code scan. With STT generated QR Code, now customers can give their feedback, punch a query, write a complain anything about the product use at any time with one same QR Code scan and just with one click. Furthermore, company will get the deep product QR Code scanning and product to customers interaction data which can be downloaded, analysed and used for further marketing campaigns optimisation.

Getting the customers feedback in all modes of interaction

Another aspect to get the customer product interaction data is that different customers are using the products in different modes and hence experiencing the different feelings about your products in different situations. For best marketing campaigns optimisation these customers feelings in every possible mode of interaction should be communicated to the product owner. STT QR code have brought the cutting-edge solution for this prospect. Customers can save the STT generated product QR codes in their customised digital smart wallets in STT smart APP. They can access the online product data any time just with few clicks and as well as give their feedback any where and any time just with one click. In this way you will have the real insight of the customer product interaction data which can be effectively utilised for your further marketing campaigns. Study End Consumer Communication, how does all this work.

STT QR Code generator provides all solutions at one platform

STT QR code generator platform also provides you the state-of-the-art product QR code scanning analytics. Here you can get the date wise, location wise as well as the device wise scanning analytics which you can use in your market campaigns optimisation. More over the STT analytic dashboard provide the comprehensive data for your best scanned products, best STT wallet saved products, best performing categories, best performing labels, best performing vendors and so on. This all is done just with one product QR code. Surely all of this deep analytical data will help in planning and optimising your further marketing campaigns.

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