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Digitizing is the integral part of daily life NOW!

Do it right NOW with all of your personal stuff with
STT Smart APP and have peace in your mind

STT_Scan to Tell smart APP

STT smart APP is a QR Code scanner and personal stuff management App. Now you can scan, create and save the QR Code as many as you want at one platform with our STT smart APP. On top of that you can save all of your personal physical stuff images, files, documents etc digitally in the personalised smart wallet. Put the warranty as well as personalised alarms. Share your digitalised personal physical stuff across the globe ….and much more.

Customised Wallet

STT Smart APP provides you the opportunity to create your customised digital wallet as per your requirements.

  • Create the main as well as the sub categories as per your choice
  • Organise your stuff in these categories as you like
  • Very easy and quick access to your stuff all the time just few clicks away

Digitizing your physical stuff

  • Press Add new from the side menu or press my stuff option from + button any where in the smart APP
  • Add as many images for your personal belonging as many as you want either by taking the image with camera or uploading from the gallery
  • Select your desired main as well as sub category
  • Give the price if desired, select the purchase as well as warranty expiry if you want
  • Further Add the pdf files and images like the invoices, bill, warranty cards, your memories for the products …. anything… no limits
  • Just hit the save button

Edit and share your digitalised stuff digitally to any one

STT smart App provides the facility to edit, delete or update your added stuff any time.

Once you save the items in the STT smart wallet, a dynamic QR Code is generated right away which you can download and share to anyone across globe.  You can also directly share your digitally added belongings juts pressing the share button, without downloading the QR Code.

Try it Now...

Reminders on your personal physical stuff

NOW with STT Smart APP you can put your desired reminders/alarms on your physical stuff as many as you want.

And much more…

Download STT App for Android and ios