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Customer's feedback importance

Internet and digital market have provided many opportunities to the companies to sell their products in different ways. However, all of these efforts are done before the customers hold the products in their hands. After that the companies send requests to their customers their feedbacks, to rate and review the products and so on. Only a fraction of people bothers to send their response.

Another to have this feedback is that when the customers want to give their input in the specific mood with certain feelings, they could not find the easy and right way to communicate with the company for the particular product. So, as a result companies are unable to get real customer advice for their products.

No system for customer's feedback

Having customer’s feedback become more difficult when the company has produced hundred and thousands of units for one article on different dates, with different vendors, in different batches and so on. Out of the entire production a customer buys a single unit and she / he has the problem with that specific unit which has bought. At customers end it is a big problem to communicate with the company and tell all of the product data for that particular product and the problems which she / he is facing.

At the other end companies do not know what is going on with their products at their customers end. This customers feedback is also important for the companies for their quality control, vendor evaluation, departmental performance as well as to optimise their processes, supply chains and to develop the future products. It is the high need for the time to have a real production tracking system in the market, by which you can get the right input from your customers, it is like tracking your entire production.

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Present solution, very basic and annoying for the customers

As a solution in these days, companies are printing the specific number on the produced unit which the customer has to call the company while speaking about the product. After that a long story begins in which customer has to tell the company so many things about the product, like from where the product was purchased?, when it was purchased?, is the warranty still valid? and so on. It is so annoying for the customer and damaging the company image for the customer. Some companies have gone a little ahead that they have embedded the Batch number and other little product text data in the Text QR Code. Then again, the customers have to scan that Text QR Code and get the data in their smart phone and tell the company that specific number and then the same long story starts again.

STT QR code generator, a innovative tool to track your entire production

STT bulk QR Code generator brings the very innovative solution to bridge the connectivity gap between the customers and the company. First of all, STT QR Code generator provides you the platform where you can put all of the product information just in one QR Code without having any live URL domain and hosting. Companies can also embed all sort of production information like batch number, vendors, manufacture date, expiry date in the same QR Code. This production information will not be shown to the end consumer until you like to show them what you want. STT QR Code generator technology provides the platform where you can produce the Bulk QR Code for your entire production as many as you want. The most interesting is that the bulk QR code generation is totally free with STT QR Code generator. When the end consumers scan any of the STT generated Bulk QR Code with their smart phones, they will get all the related product data what the company has fed and want to show to their customers. They can save this product in their customised smart wallet in the STT smart APP which they can access whenever they need.

Other benefits for Using STT in Bulk QR code generation

STT Technology has introduced the chat feature to communicate between the customers and the companies for a particular product in the same QR Code. With STT QR Code scanner and personal stuff manager APP, customer can write to the companies for a particular product any time just with one click without giving any additional information about the product and themselves. On the other hand, company will instantaneously come to know just with one click that which customer is complaining what for which particular produced unit with all of its relevant data. Next, company can reply their customers without mentioning the product and your company information to solve their complains. STT technology has made it very fast and easy for your real time production tracking with your customers in the market.

STT technology also provides many other services for the companies at its QR Code generating platform, by which they can gather the real data for a particular product for the whole batch production and from their customers, export to the excel and apply the data analytics tools to extract very important information for your products, production methods, materials, vendors as well as to enhance your business.