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QR Codes for
Foot wear industry

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Dynamic QR Code Generator

In today’s digital age, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance customer experience and stream line operations. One technology that has gained significant prominence is the Quick Response (QR) Code. These QR Codes when scanned, with a smart phone, unlock a world of possibilities. The footwear industry, in particular, has harnessed the power of Qr Codes to revolutionise the way customer interact with shoes. STT_Scan to Tell QR Code generator has emerged a game changer in the footwear industry, propelling it into the realm of digital innovation. From empowering customers with product information and virtual try-on experiences to combating counterfeits and nurturing customer loyalty, STT QR Codes offer countless opportunities for businesses to enhance their offering. All this just one QR Code and even without having your live web URL, domain and hosting.

Step into style and comfort with STT QR Codes

Shoes are important for everyone, no matter what is the age and gender. It reflects someone personality and leaves the impressions. So, people are very conscious about their styles and comfort for buying their shoes. People are finding the ways to connect their feeling what they wear. This all is driven by the information what they could get for the shoes in hand by any means. They spend hours and hours on internet to know about the dress which they are looking and planning to buy. Its material, styling, manufacturing advices and so on. This all knowledge surely improves their understanding for the footwear which they wear and connect them emotionally.

STT dynamic QR Code generator
Unleashing your shoes styles

Present QR Code with its limitations

Brands and manufacturers have realised the importance of product information for their customers and started using the QR Codes for this purpose. However there exits the severe limitations with these QR Codes and could not cope up the fast-growing market. First of all, you can normally embed one entity in one QR Code at one time. Like you can add one product landing page URL, one video link, one pdf file, one social media link and so on. So, for a pair of shoes complete information, consumers have to scan different QR Codes which is annoying for everyone.

Secondly these QR Codes are not so dynamic and interactive as it is required in the today’s fast-growing market.

Thirdly, before making the QR Codes, you should have the live web URL where you can place the product data. To make the website, you have to buy the hosting, secure the domain and hire the developer and keep the web page alive all the time. Furthermore, this QR Code system does not give you the firm control on your content to publish, unpublish, add, remove and edit for your customers as needed.

Embrace digital transformation in
footwear Industry with STT QR Code

Providing the right information to the customers on right time is the key to impact their buying decisions. For the footwear industry still there exit the huge understanding gap for the products at customers end. The biggest hurdle is the non-availability of a platform where you can digitalise all of your product data and information and create QR Code. In view of this, STT_ Scan to Tell technology is developed. Here you can embed all of your product images, videos, downloadable files, texts, URLs anything and everything just in one QR Code and most importantly without having ant live URL, domain and hosting.

STT empowers you with the super dynamic QR Codes where you can publish, unpublish, add, remove, edit the added content without changing the QR Codes.

STT also provides you the opportunity to add the compliance, quality, sustainability, chemical testing or any other certificates for a particular dress in the same QR Code. It also let the customers to write you any time just with one click for a particular dress. STT also offers you the bulk QR codes facility 100% free where you can create QR Codes for the entire production and track them in the market. It also gives you the deep analytics to evaluate your suppliers, productions processes, performance, marketing campaigns and so on.

On top of that STT also offers your customers the STT smart APP where your customers can save your products digitally with the STT generated product QR Codes. They can access the information and write you any time for their inquiries.

STT Bulk QR Code generator
Track your entire production in the market

How to create STT Qr Codes for shoes just in three easy steps

Step 1: Click Add new from the Article QR Code section and give your product name / number whatever you like.

Step 2: Enter and upload all of the product data like name, Images, description text, videos, pdf files external links and many more as per your choice. Make the separate explicit segments as needed like product detail, supply chain, sustainability and so on. Save the data where needed in the portal and make publish /unpublish the content after scan as per your choice.

Step 3: Click to Create QR Code, download, print or send via email the generated QR Code.


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Benefits using STT QR Codes in foot wear industry

STT generated QR Codes are useful tool for the foot wear and apparel industry in a variety of ways. The biggest benefit as compared to the regular market QR Codes is that you can embed all of your videos, files, pdf files, texts, weblinks, everything and anything you want just in ONE QR Code WITHOUT having any live URL, domain and hosting.

Below are some of the benefits which you can get with the STT generated QR Code in foot wear industry.

1. Product sustainability and supply chain information

Customers are becoming aware and are interested in buying the sustainable products. Shoes are the major part in their lives. So, it is important to convey all of its sustainable and supply chain information to satisfy your customers need. STT dynamic QR Code generator is the only QR Code generator where you can put any kind of product sustainability and supply chain information along with the related certificate and other product information.

2. Promotions and Offers

STT generated product QR Codes give you the opportunity to add your present and forthcoming promotions and offers along with the other product information at one place. This will surely increase the customers engagement and your ROI.

3. Customers digital connectivity

With STT smart App, your customer can write you for the particular shoe just with one click. This is included in the same QR Code. There is the control to enable /disable the Product chat any time without changing the QR Code. At the backend website office, you will instantaneously come to know that which of your customers is writing you about which product. To know more click End consumer communication.

4. Saving time and money

STT platform provides you very organised product data with clear visibility and deep scanning and customer product interaction analytics. This reduces your hassle and saves time and money. STT gives you the handsome data which you can utilise to optimise your marketing campaign.

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