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STT-Scan to Tell
End consumer communication

It is always important for a business to enable his customers to communicate for the desired products as per their choice any time and satisfy their needs.

For the first time, STT- Scan to Tell offers the easy channel for your customers to write you any for the scanned product / article QR Code just with one click.

Scroll down to see how does this work

Enabling the Product / Article Chat

To allow your customers to connect you for the specific product in the same scanned QR Code, you need to check the “Enable Article/ Product chat enable” in the Article / Product data uploading portal.

You can disable and stop your customers to write you any time just un checking the box without QR Code, it is totally dynamic.

Writing for the specific product

Your customer can write for the scanned product with the same QR Code just hitting the “Click to Connect now!” button. However, the users have to install the STT smart APP on their smart phones that they can keep record for this and track the product in question.

On the other hand you will get the instant message from your customer in your web portal inbox.

Communication with your customers so easy then every before

In the STT web back-end office, you will find all of your customers messages in your Inbox, which you can explore, reply, delete and do many other activities to get your real customers data more and more.

Product in question

With STT portal it is very easy to know for the product about which the customer communication is going on and know all of the data fed for the particular product.

Click the Info button in three dots menu, which will lead to the pop up telling about the product for which the chat is going on. Which you further can know the detail for that specific product and take the steps as needed…..waooo… so easy and handy.

Filtering and exporting the customers communication

Here you can filter all of the customers messages Article / Product as well as user wise and accordingly export them to Excel. There you can apply other data analytics tools to get he useful information for your product development and marketing campaign optimization.