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QR Codes for Food Industry

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Food industry encompasses a wide range of businesses and activities involved in the production, processing, distribution and consumption of food. In today’s fast-paced digital era, the food industry is leveraging technology to enhance customer experience, improve efficiency, and promote transparency. One such technology that has gained significant traction is the Quick Response (QR) Codes. These two-dimensional scannable Codes are transforming the way we interact with the food products, menus and dining experiences. STT_ Scan to Tell dynamic QR Code generator, is already on its way to revolutionize the food industry. STT provides you the user-friendly platform where you can put all of your product data including images, videos, texts, downloadable files, wen link, certificates… anything and everything just in one QR Code and most importantly without having and live Web site, domain and hosting.

Technology and digital transformation,
revolutionising the food industry

All of us want to have the wonderful dining experience. Food intake also plays important role in our health, weight and our ability to resist the diseases. In this era of digital information, every one want to know about what she / he eats. The food content, calories count, cooking recipes, user instructions, storage information and so on are the information we search. This all information improves our understanding towards the food we eat, and help us to find what we are looking for. Companies are providing this information to their customers in paper printed form. However, in this modern information age, food industry is going through its digital transformation. Companies are looking for the digital solution which can actually revolutionised the food industry for better customer experience. STT provides the cutting-edge solution, where you can digitalise your products information. It gives you the digital place where you can put all of your product information digitally whatever you want in just one QR Code without having any live URL, domain and hosting. Furthermore, STT technology with its STT Smart APP enables your customers to connect your products and you with your customers digitally all the times.

STT dynamic QR Code generator
Increasing food education and public health

Problems with the present QR Code technology

Businesses have realised the importance of product data for their customers in food industry and started using the QR Codes. However, the present QR Codes in the market come with its problems and could not cope up the fast-growing market. First of all, you can normally embed one entity in one QR Code at one time. Like you can add one product landing page URL, one video link, one pdf file, one social media link and so on. So, for a food product complete information, consumer has to scan different QR Codes which is annoying for everyone.

Secondly these QR Codes are not so dynamic and interactive as it is required in the today’s strong-growing market.

Thirdly, before making the QR Codes, you should have the live web URL where you can place the product data. To make the website, you have to buy the hosting, secure the domain and hire the developer and keep the web page alive all the time. Furthermore, this QR Code system does not give you the firm control on your content to publish, unpublish, add, remove and edit for your customers as needed.

STT dynamic QR Code generator digitalising the food industry

Proving the right information to the customers on right time is the key to impact their buying decisions and improve their understanding for what they eat. For the eatable things, still there exit the huge understanding gap for the products at consumers end. The biggest hurdle is the non-availability of a platform where you can digitalise all of your product data and information and create QR Code. In view of this, STT_ Scan to Tell technology is developed. Here you can embed all of your product images, videos, downloadable files, charts, spread sheets, texts, URLs anything and everything you want just in one QR Code and most importantly without having any live URL, domain and hosting.

STT empowers you with the super dynamic QR Codes where you can publish, unpublish, add, remove, edit the added content without changing the QR Codes.

STT also let the customers to write you any time just with one click for that particular product. STT also offers you the bulk QR codes facility 100% free, where you can create QR Codes for the entire production and track them in the market. It also gives you the deep analytics to evaluate your suppliers, production processes, departmental performances, marketing campaigns and so on.

On top of that STT offers your customers the STT smart APP where your customers can save your products digitally in their customised wallet with the STT generated product QR Codes. They can access the information and write you any time for their inquiries.

STT Bulk QR Code generators
Track your entire production in the market

How to create STT QR Codes for food articles just in three easy steps

Step 1: Click Add new from the Article QR Code section and give your product name / number whatever you like.

Step 2: Enter and upload all of the product data like name, Images, description text, videos, pdf files external links and many more as per your choice. Make the separate explicit segments as needed like product detail, supply chain, sustainability, user manuals, safety instruction, storing precautions and so on. Save the data where needed in the portal and make publish / unpublish the content after scan as per your choice.

Step 3: Click to Create QR Code, your desired QR Code will be created. Download, print or send via email the generated QR Code.

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Benefits using STT QR Codes in Food industry

STT generated QR Codes are useful tool for the food industry in a variety of ways. The biggest benefit as compared to the regular market QR Codes is that you can embed all of your videos, images, pdf files, texts, weblinks, everything and anything you want just in ONE QR Code WITHOUT having any live URL, domain and hosting. STT dynamic QR Codes provides the numerous benefits to the food industry, ranging from improved information accessibility, food safety, customer engagement and marketing opportunities all at one platform.

Below are some of the many benefits which you can get with the STT generated QR Code in material industry.

1. Farm to table traceability

QR Code play a crucial role in promoting transparency and traceability in the food industry. With concerns about food safety and sustainability on the rise, consumers are demanding more information about the origin of their food. STT dynamic QR Code is such a valuable QR Code, where you can put all of this information along with other product data in only one QR Code. By scanning the STT generated product QR Code, consumers can delve into the journey of their food, from form to table. They can learn about the form where the food was grown, the processing and distribution facilities involved, and even discover certifications and sustainable practices implemented along the way. This level of transparency builds trust and foster a stronger connection between consumer and their food.

2. Promotions and loyalty programmes

QR Codes have become a valuable tool for marketing and loyalty programmes. By incorporating the promotional materials, receipts, menus, businesses with STT QR Code, can engage customers in interactive activities. Customers can scan the STT QR Code to unlock exclusive discounts, participate in surveys or contests, or join loyalty programmes. This gamification of the dining experience enhances the customers engagement, fosters brands loyalty and encourages repeat visits.

3. Customers digital connectivity

With STT smart App, your customer can write you for the particular food product just with one click. This is included in the same QR Code. There is the control to enable /disable the Product chat any time without changing the QR Code. At the backend website office, you will instantaneously come to know that which of your customers is writing you what about which product. To know more click End consumer communication.

4. Saving time and money

STT platform provides you very organised product data with clear visibility and deep scanning and customer product interaction analytics. This reduces your hassle and saves time and money. STT gives you the handsome data which you can utilise to optimise your marketing campaigns

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