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For every brand it is always important and of great interest to know what is going on with their products in the markets. How their customers are interacting with their products, how their purchasing decisions can be impacted.

STT dash board and the reports section provides you the great opportunity to get into it. It delivers you the scanning and STT Wallet Saving information for your products over all as well as individually at grass root level. This information can be downloaded to Excel sheet and applied the data analytics tools to get useful information for your further market decisions.

Total Scans and STT wallet saved

Time wise Analysis

Country Wise scans

Get the complete scanning details for each and every generated dynamic QR Code with respect to country and city all across the globe

Best scanned and best saved to STT wallet

Category wise performance

Operating system wise scanning

Individual QR Code scanning analytics

With STT reports section you can access the individual QR Code analytics, no matter it is article, personal or production QR code is. All is covered at one place