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First ever sustainable QR Code that tells you everything just with one scan

What and why sustainability is needed?

Change is already knocking at our doors asking for “sustainability” to save our planet, and to combat the topmost issue of climate change. Sustainability is now extensively observed as the next big revolution in connection to the digitization. It is about living within the means of natural systems and not harming them. It is the best also a business approach to make their products, policies, supply chains, materials and processes more eco-friendly contributing towards environmental sustainability and social sustainability.

In view of this, United Nations in 2015 set the sustainable development goals (SDG) which comprise of 17 different bench marks. These SDG are based upon three factors, social, environment, and economic. No doubt companies who are producing the consumer and industrial products play a major role to ward our sustainable living. However, the consumers are also due to fulfil their responsibilities in sustainability.

Missing Link

Looking at the consumer and industrial market, there are hundreds and thousands of products which are produced and used on daily basis. Companies are pushing their limits to manufacture these products by using the sustainable energy, sustainable materials and sustainable processes. Unfortunately, all of these product infos are not properly conveyed to the end consumers. So, firstly, consumer do not know about the product sustainability itself and its complete supply chain. Secondly, consumers do not completely know all about the product use, handling and storage. As a result, consumers are using the products under or over capacity and hence wasting the energy, water and other natural resources.

Taking the example of organic cotton and green processes use in sustainable fashion. The most important is to tell and educate the end consumer all about the sustainable fashion, organic cotton, green processes and recycled materials. On top of that to communicate the consumer right in time how to use and keep the textiles for a long lasting and with minimal environment damage. Unfortunately, there is no such as easy and fast digital method available to bridge this gap. Some companies are trying to overcome this with the help of QR Codes, to convey their product data. However, the present QR code generator platforms come with their limitations. They allow the user to embed only one entity at one time such as one web URL, one video, one image gallery, one file or one social media link at one time. The suitability initiative demands much more from us, need to put everything and anything in on QR Code to provide all of the needed info rightly whenever these are needed.

STT_ a Sustainable QR code

STT_ Scan to Tell dynamic QR Code generator is created to connect the consumers with physical product and companies with the consumers digitally. It enables you to embed anything and everything in one QR code. Now you can add an many as product images, videos, user manuals’, instruction sheets, web links as well as social media links in one Qr Code even without having the live web URL. With STT now you can tell your customers all about the product sustainability, carbon foot prints, environmental impacts, user manuals, handling and storage instructions anything you want to impact the consumers buying decision and also to motivate for their positive contribution towards the environment by educating them for the subjected products. Furthermore, companies are using lot of paper at the cost of natural resources to print all of the product infos for each and every user. It is totally an unsustainable approach. So, STT QR Code generator, a FIRST EVER sustainable QR Code is here for you. Now you do not need to print everything for every user. You can simply embed all of the needed information in one dynamic STT QR Code and have the freedom to change the content any time to optimise your marketing campaigns.

Benefits using STT QR Code generator for

Saving the money and environment

If a business is saving and making money, then it can embrace the sustainable business practices and work for the environment. STT QR Code generator provides the businesses more than one ways to save and make money. Firstly, it eliminates all of the paper printing materials which you have to print for your each and every product and customer. Secondly, it provides you very well organised backend office where you can manage your stuff in a very neat and clean way reducing the waste and saving your time and money. Thirdly, it provides you very deep analytics how the customers are interacting with your physical products, hence giving you the clear-cut direction to minimize your resources wate and move towards better profit. Once you are well organized with your stuff having complete visibility, eliminating the paper printing materials, educating your customers very well about your products, ultimately you are saving the resources and adding towards better environment.

Developing more sustainable products

Sustainable products are vital for a business success in today’s market. It is important to have the customers feedbacks while doing R & D for your forthcoming sustainable products. STT technology provides the best opportunity to communicate with your customers digitally and gather the required feedbacks  with no extra cost hassle. Here you can best decide for your forthcoming products based upon the data gathered from STT QR Code generator and STT smart App QR Code scanning and personal stuff management APP with a unique feature letting your customer to connect you just with one scan and one click.

Sustainable marketing campaigns

For a successful business, your marketing companions should be as sustainable as they could be. To accomplish this, you need a deep and broad spectrum of your customers data for all of your products, that how they are behaving towards your physical products. The present solution in the market do not provide the rich and organised data for all of your products and all of your customers. Thanks to the STT technology, where you will get the complete scanning and customer physical interaction data just with few clicks. Moreover, STT technology will automatically will tell you comparative performance for all of your products, vendors, labels, categories and much more.

Make your customers to feel more cared

Every customer is always looking for the infos about the product which she / he wants to buy. STT QR Code generator offers you the opportunity to tell your customer everything and anything just with one QR code scan. In addition, it offers the customers a great facility that to save their loved products in their smart wallet in STT smart App. They can access the product infos any time, share with any one and importantly can connect the products owner any time and in any mode. If you are able to facilities your customers in all these ways, for sure you will make them to fall in love with your products.

Be transparent and connect your customers with trust

To build your customer trust, transparency for a product is very important. Being transparent could be in different ways starting from material and supply chain transparency, social compliance and policies transparency, sustainability infos transparency and so on. STT QR Code generator provides you the marvellous platform to tell all about your every kind of transparencies which you wish to tell your customers for a product just with one scan. Once the customers get more transparent infos on spot for the product which they wish to buy, definitely this will build the confidence and trust which is the back bone for your business.

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