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QR Codes for
Medicine and health care

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QR Codes, short form for Quick Response Codes, are the significant part of our lives now a days. However, their applications in health sector have gained remarkable attraction in recent years especially during Covid time. These scannable QR Codes are revolutionising the way healthcare professionals, patients, and even researchers to access and exchange critical medical information. These QR Codes enables the patients to connect digitally with the medicine, their manufacturers and health specialist digitally all the time. STT _ Scan to Tell dynamic QR Codes generator is already on move to transform our approach towards the medicine and our health.

Important to know about the medicine
we take and equipment we use

While taking the medicine we are taking something into our body. It becomes utmost important to have at least the basic understanding for the substances we take. The wrong medicine or wrong dose can lead to the catastrophic effects with us which unfortunately may end up in disable life or an organ failure. It becomes more crucial in case of babies and children medicine. For babies there are the special medicine to be injected by the special method. Also, for life saving drugs, once you have at least the basic knowledge, you will feel confident and use them effectively.

Similarly, there are many medical devices which people use daily like, blood sugar monitoring system for diabetic, inhaling equipment, hearts monitoring expedient, orthopaedic aids & materials, contact lenses, HIV Blood tests, pregnancy tests kits and so on. Better understanding for all of them will enables us to use them properly and with maximum capacity.

STT dynamic QR Code generator
Care your patients digitally

Do you know what is going on with your body?

When people undergo the surgical procedures, they are curious to know what will happen with their body. These procedures involve the use of invasive techniques to diagnose, treat, or manage various medical conditions. At least the basic of the procedures will improve their understanding and confidence to get through. Aanesthesia is an integral part for almost all of the surgical operations. Patients should be educated to combat this process confidently.

Now a days some of the medical centers and practitioners are distributing the printed literature to the patients to read and learn about these procedures. In this digital time nobody has time and bothers to read the papers. STT came out with the solution in the form of STT dynamic QR Codes where you can put all of the information digitally in almost every possible format like texts, images, videos, pdf files, web links just in one QR Code and without having and live website URL. Furthermore, your patients can save this QR Code in their customized wallet in STT smart APP, which they can access the information and also write you particularly any time.

Infos delivered with print media and the QR Code with its limitations

Companies are trying to educate their customer to provide the infos for the medicines and devices in paper printed format. The problem is that there are lot of knowledge to be delivered and companies tries to put as much information on a small piece of paper. In result it becomes difficult and overwhelming for the users to read, understand and digest these infos. Also, nobody bothers to keep the paper all the time to use in future.

Some people come out with the solution to provide these infos digitally with the help of QR Code. However there lies some serious drawbacks with the present QR Codes in the market. First of all, you can normally embed one entity in one QR Code at one time. Like you can add one URL, one video link, one pdf file, one social media link and so on. So, for a medicine and device complete information which she / he uses, consumer has to scan different QR Codes which is annoying for everyone.

Secondly, these QR Codes are not so dynamic and interactive as it is required in the today’s fast-growing market.

Thirdly, before making the QR Codes, you should have the live web URL where you can place all of the related infos. To make the website, you have to buy the hosting, secure the domain and hire the developer and keep the web page alive all the time. Furthermore, this QR Code system does not give you the firm control on your content to publish, unpublish, add, remove and edit for your customers as needed.

Your customised wallet for all your health record

STT QR Code generator digitalising the medicine and health sector

Proving the right information to the users on right time is the key to improve their understanding and effective use for the medicine. For the medicine and health sector still there exit the huge understanding gap at customers end. The biggest hurdle is the non-availability of a platform where you can digitalise all of your product data and information and create QR Code easily. In view of this, STT_ Scan to Tell technology is developed. Here you can embed all of your product images, videos, downloadable files, texts, URLs anything and everything you want just in one QR Code and most importantly without having any live URL, domain and hosting.

STT empowers you with the super dynamic QR Codes where you can publish, unpublish, add, remove, edit the added content without changing the QR Codes.

STT also provides you the opportunity to add the compliance, quality, testing or any other certificates for a particular medicine in the same QR Code. It also let the customers to write you any time just with one click for a specific product. STT also offers you the bulk QR codes facility 100% free where you can create QR Codes for the entire production and track them in the market. It also gives you the deep analytics to evaluate your suppliers, production processes, performance, marketing campaigns and so on.

On top of that STT also offers your customers the STT smart APP where your customers can save your products digitally with the STT generated product QR Codes. They can access the information and write you any time for their inquiries.

How to create STT QR Codes for medicine and health sector just in three easy steps

Step 1: Click Add new from the Article QR Code section and give your product name / number whatever you like.

Step 2: Enter and upload all of the product data like name, Images, description text, videos, pdf files external links and many more as per your choice. Make the separate explicit segments as needed like product detail, supply chain, sustainability and so on. Save the data where needed in the portal and make publish /unpublish the content after scan as per your choice.

Step 3: Click to Create QR Code, download, print or send via email the generated QR Code.


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Benefits using STT QR Codes in medicine and health sector

STT generated QR Codes are useful tool for the health industry in a variety of ways. The biggest benefit as compared to the regular market QR Codes is that you can embed all of your videos, files, pdf files, texts, weblinks, everything and anything you want just in ONE QR Code WITHOUT having any live URL, domain and hosting.

Below are some of the benefits which you can get with the STT generated QR Code in medical area.

1. Effective use of your products

Once your customers are well aware of your products with the basic and advance knowledge, they will use them with maximum capacity. This efficient use of the product will lead to better result and increase customers trust with your companies. STT provides you such a great platform where you can embed as many infos as you want like images, videos, files, web links, text etc in Just on QR Code. You can easily educate your customers just with one scan and with STT generated QR Codes.

2. More sustainable business

People like the companies who make sustainable products. Although your company is already on the sustainable journey, however it is also important to tell your customers for your sustainable efforts. STT product QR Codes offers you a great platform where you can explain your complete sustainable story to your customers and gain their trust. Furthermore, STT dynamic QR Codes reduces the paper printing as you can add all of the info digitally in one Qr Code. This all will move your business towards more sustainability and better ROI.

3. Customers digital connectivity

With STT smart App, your customer can write you for the particular shoe just with one click. This is included in the same QR Code. There is the control to enable /disable the Product chat any time without changing the QR Code. At the backend website office, you will instantaneously come to know that which of your customers is writing you about which product. To know more click End consumer communication.

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