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STT - Scan to Tell
Product QR Code generator

Latest dynamic QR Code generator
The way as you can Imagine

A product can be any of its type like consumer, industrial, personal etc, a meeting event, wedding or birthday event, a conference, a concert, anything you can imagine, STT article QR Code management cater all of them as per your need and choice.

With STT article QR Code generator now you can create your product QR Codes containing all of the images, texts, videos, pdf files, web links, certificates anything and everything you want in only one QR Code and even without having any of the live URL buying the hosting and securing a domain name.

Create Article/Product QR Code in three easy steps

  • Step 1:Click Add new from the Article QR Code section and give your desired Article name / number, press save and continue. LEARN MORE how does this work.

  • Step 2:Enter all of the Article / product data like name, Images, description text, variable combination, videos, files, external links and many more as per your choice. Make the separate explicit segments as needed. Save the data where needed and make publish / unpublish the content after scan as per your choice. EXPLORE HERE more in detail.

  • Step 3: Click to create QR Code, download, print or send via Email the generated QR Code. CLICK HERE to see further.

STT – Scan to Tell
Next generation QR Code Generator

Article QR Code Listing and advance search

Every Saved Article is shown in the Article QR Code Listing either it’s QR Code has been generated or not.

Article fed Infos

  • Quick access for the individual Article fed Info
  • Simply click the Article image in the Article QR Code listing
  • Link to access the fed infos

QR Code Pop up

  • A fast easy and quick access to the generated QR Code
  • Simply click in the QR Code icon and have the desired QR Code pop up
  • Scan the QR Code and make change if needed
  • Print, download as well as send the QR Code via Email

Article variable combinations

  • Article having variant combinations will carry the + sign with their names in Article QR Code listing
  • Press the + button and see all of the possible attribute
  • Make the QR Code for individual attribute
  • Scanning analytics for individual attributes

Article QR Code scanning analytics

  • Total scans for individual article including all of its variant combinations
  • Click the icon in the Total scans column in the Listing
  • Complete scanning analytics details for an article over all as well as for individual variant combination
  • Total Scan, total saved to STT wallet, time wise scanning data, country and city wise scanning, device wise scanning  as well as date for best performing labels

Editing, deleting, playing and pausing the Article QR Code

Very easy to edit, delete play as well as pause the generate QR Code just with few clicks