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QR Codes for Engineering and Mechanical Industry

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Dynamic QR Code Generator

QR Codes have become increasingly popular in recent years and are being used in wide range of industries, including engineering and mechanical industry. QR Codes offers wide range of benefits for the engineering and mechanical industry including improved efficiency, productivity and inventory management. By using the Qr Codes to store and access the information, track products and components, and improve marketing and advertising efforts, companies in this industry can streamline their operations and improve their bottom line.

Present day QR Code with its problems

Normally the QR Codes are considered just the replacement for a web address and it is with limited information. However, if you want to tell the end user more information about the specific  device then you have to either make the web page or the landing page for that particular product, put the content there and then create the Qr Code for that web page or landing page URL. It is somehow difficult to create individual product website and also is not as dynamic as it is to be in this present fast moving digital age.

STT dynamic QR Codes
One solution for many problems

STT QR Code generator, an innovative solution for future

STT_ Scan to Tell QR Code generating platform is developed where you can put any information about the product like text descriptions, images, videos, downloadable file, web links…everything and anything you want just in one QR Code WITHOUT having any live URL, domain and hosting. The STT generated QR Code are as dynamic as you need. You can edit, add, delete, publish as well as unpublish the content just with clicks without changing the QR Code.

STT generated Qr Codes provides you the complete control on the added content and a great opportunity to connect with your customers digitally. This can be effectively used to enhance efficiency and productivity.

In addition, STT offers your clients the QR Code scanner and personal stuff management App, where your customer can get all of the embedded product data, save it in the customised digital wallet as well as write you for the particular product in hand any time, all this with the same single QR Code

LEARN  HERE how to create Article / product QR Code without having a web site URL

STT Bulk QR Code generation
Trak your Entire Production with the customers

STT offers production QR Codes facility where you can create the production QR Codes for your entire production including the product information along with the production related data, like batch number, vendor, manufacture date etc. This production data is private and your end user cannot access this data. However, upon scanning the STT generated production QR Codes for a particular product, she / he will get only the product info, and can also write you if you allow for that particular product.

CLICK HERE to see how does the STT Bulk QR Code generator works

Benefits with STT generated QR Codes

Product information

With STT generated QR Codes, you can embed the information about the machinery, tools and equipment. This information includes specifications, maintenance schedule and repair procedure among others things. Upon scanning the QR Code, the users and the technicians can quickly access the information they need to use, repair and maintenance, saving time and reducing errors.

Customer connectivity

STT provides the fantastic channel for your customers to connect you across the globe. In engineering and Mechanical industry, there are always so many quires at users end day to day in regards to the tools, machinery and equipment, which needs to be addressed. Now with STT generated QR Code, customer can write you for the specific product just with one click, with the same QR Code along with having the complete product information.

Be every time with your customers

In engineering and mechanical Industry, most of the times technicians needs the user and maintenance manuals on floor or at another place. It is not possible to carry all of the paper printed manuals along with. Now you can embed all of the manuals in Pdf or video format, as you want. The STT smart App provides the opportunity to your customers to save your product in their customised smart wallet along with the other images, files and reminder as they want. They can access your product and its data digitally any time and ant where just with few clicks.

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STT Product QR Code
The first ever sustainable Qr Codes

Marketing and advertising

STT provides the robust channel for your customers to connect you all the time. STT generated QR Codes can also be used effectively in marketing and advertising the Engineering and Mechanical Industry. STT QR Code generator provides you the limitless possibilities to create as many QR Code as many you want with any sort of content without having the live web site. In a single QR Code you can add your company infos, your app download link, customer feedback form and so on along with the product information. Then you can place this QR Code on different places like on machinery, brochure advertisement or other marketing material where the customer can easily access the additional information about the product and services. This can help to increase engagement and interest in the company’s offering, leading to increased sale and revenue.

In engineering and Mechanical industry, there always lies some many quires at customers end day to day in regards to the tools, machinery and equipment, which needs to be addressed. Now with STT generated QR Code, customer can write you for the specific product just with one click, with the same QR Code along with having the complete product information