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4 MB Technologies
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Geschäftsführer: Mubashar Ahmad Minhas
Presserechtlich Verantwortlicher: Mubashar Ahmad Minhas
Sitz der Gesellschaft: Bergneustadt
Umsatzsteuer-ID: DE361760704

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Seite “Home”, QR Code scanning concepts with charatcters, freepik, freepik.com

Seite “Home”, Colorful lattice pattern made of embroidery threads, Le Do, shutterstock.com

Seite “Home”, Alternative healthcare fresh herbal, dry and herbal capsule with mortar on wooden background, Floripetrescu, shutterstock.com

Seite “Home”, Globe – Navigation Equipment  / Enviormental concept, RomoloTavani, istockphoto.com

Seite “Home”,  Thinking cartoon,  Memevapa, clipartkey.com

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Seite “Banner – Page”,  Price Tag, Plargue Doctor, istockphoto.com

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Seite “Banner – Page”,  Woman use QR Code to pay, Kece_std, shutterstock.com

Seite “Banner – Page”,  Tiny people examining operating system error warning on webpage isolated flat vector illustration, Surfs up, shuterstock.com

Seite “why-and-how-does-it-work”, Helping hand – colourful flat design, vectorstock.com

Seite “why-and-how-does-it-work”, Young female worker experiencing stress at work, problems with solving Tasks, Julia Kutsaeva, shutterstock.com

Seite “why-and-how-does-it-work”, Best vector graphic Flat illustration, shutterstock.com

Seite “why-and-how-does-it-work”, QR Code Scanner illustration, Welovgraphics, iconscout.com

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Seite “ personal-qr-code-discover-all”, Email and messaging, Email marketing campaign, e14eak90, shutterstock.com

Seite “ personal-qr-code-discover-all”, Checkbox on smart phone screen. Hand hold smartphone, finger touch screen, depositphotos.com

Seite “ personal-qr-code-discover-all”, Calendar icon vector sign symbol isolated, shutterstock.com

Seite “ personal-qr-code-discover-all”, Business characters showing different social roles, Surfup, shutterstock.com

Seite “personal-qr-code-2”, Beautiful woman in Excited expressions, Passion-pearl, Shutterstock.com

Seite “personal-qr-code-2”, A smartphone showing a QR Code reader, Antlii, shutterstock.com

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Seite “personal-qr-code-2”, Mail report icon flatdocument paper vector image, Anatolir, vectorstock.com

Seite “personal-qr-code-2”, Share location appointment vector image, ilusiku-studio, vectorstock.com

Seite “personal-qr-code-2”, Vector illustration of barcode pro vector, N.style.graphicstudio

Seite “ deep-scanning-analytics”, 3d clipboard with business idea icon on project plan, Vactor stock Pro, shutterstock.com

Seite “end-consumer-communication”, Indian, Background, Teeage Girls, Cut out, Deepak Sethi, istockphoto.com

Seite “solution”, Business process management with workflow automation diagram, Everything possible, shutterstock.com

Seite “solution”, Business concept design, increased quality, efficiency and speed graph vector illustration, Diki Prayogo, shutterstock.com

Seite “solution”, QR Code abstract concept vector illustration, visual Generation, istockphoto.com

Seite “solution”, Smart industry 4.0 futuristic technology concept, MangKangMangMee, Shutterstock.com

Siete “optimizing-marketing-campaigns”, Digital marketing illustration concept, T. Hoangpts, istockphoto.com

Seite “solution”, 3d character businessman illustration get ready for work, Algrafika, shutterstock.com

Seite “solution”, Business plan, elements.envato.com

Seite “sustainability”, Renewable, sustainable energy sources. Plant growing in bulb concept, It.Simpson33, istockphoto.com

Seite “sustainability”, Hands protecting globe of green tree on tropical nature summer background, ecology and Enviorment concept, Pop Tika, Shutterstock.com

Seite “sustainability”, Tiny Female character collect golden coins into Huge Glass jar, Ivector, Shutterstock.com

Seite “digital-marketing”, Family budget flat isometric vector concept, Tarik Vision, istockphoto.com

Seite “track-your-entire-production”, Factory production, elements.envato.com

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Seite “track-your-entire-production”, Customer service illustration, elements.envato.com

Seite “ Demo”, Businessman 3D illustration, Sentavio, iconscout.com

Seite “ free-trial”, Promotion Billboard Concept, Prostock-studio, shutterstock.com

Seite “knowledge-based-blogs-2”, Business solution Animated illustration, Nanoagency, iconscout.com

Seite “knowledge-based-blogs-2”, Isometric Marketing, agnyhasyastudio, elements.evanto.com

Seite “knowledge-based-blogs-2”, Customer service at work, elements.envato.com

Seite “knowledge-based-blogs-2”, Team work of engineers, Ianmikraz, freepik.com

Seite “knowledge-based-blogs-2”, Fun holidays on the beach, elements.envato.com

Seite “knowledge-based-blogs-2”, Creative realistic science lab, Pikisuperstar, freepik.com

Seite “knowledge-based-blogs-2”, Real estate egent, elements.envato.com


Seite “all-pages”,  Young beautiful woman having different Facial Treatment, Novikov Alex, shutterstock.com

Seite “all-pages”, Mechanical inspector engineer, Oil and Gas photographer, shutterstock.com

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Seite “all-pages”, Fashionable clothes in a boutique store in London, Creative Lab, shutterstock.com

Seite “all-pages”, Editable catalog front pages design, Sunward Art, shutterstock.com

Seite “all-pages”, Creative background, red suitcase, the inscription time to travel, sneakers, plane on a blue background, Ksandrphoto, freepik.com

Seite “all-pages”, User experience pop up windows and notification of different programs and applications, Nadia_Bormotova, istockphoto.com

Seite “all-pages”, A lot of men’s shoes, men fashion, still life style, boots, Eugene Partyzan, shutterstock.com

Seite “all-pages”, Attentatine audience at Ball, Pavel L photo and video, shutterstock.com

Seite “all-pages”, Baby accessories for bathing on table on light background, Africa studio, shutterstock.com

Seite “all-pages”, Different packages and carton cups on table against color background. Food delivery service, Pixel-shot, stock.adobe.com

Seite “all-pages”, 3D render of home appliances collection set, Digital Genetics, sutterstock.com

Seite “all-pages”, Materials of construction, urfin, shutterstock.com

Seite “all-pages”, White sedan car art vector template, Jadid Omit, shutterstock.com

Seite “all-pages”, Set of construction materials stock photo, urfinguss, shutterstock.com

Seite “all-pages”, Brunette female brushing hair with hairbrush detangling split ends, beauty routine concepts, Prostock studio, shutterstock.com

Seite “all-pages”, Cans with color paint, roller brush and color guide isolated on white background, Oleksiy Mark, shutterstock.com

Seite “all-pages”, Pizzle preschool cartoon game, izakowski, freepik.com

Seite “all-pages”, Batter powered, Ba dins, shutterstock.com

Seite “all-pages”, Mobile accessories includes power bank, speaker, charger, smart watch, handfree, AUX cable, micro SD, adapter and macro clip lens flat lay, Araddara, shutterstock.com

Seite “all-pages”, Bicycle on a white background, used for advertising, Thanapong Kasornmala, shutterstock.com

Seite “all-pages”, Madris Spain, 12-04-2020, CFMOTO develops and manufactures motorcycles, FernandoV, shutterstock.com

Seite “all-pages”, Set kitchen utensils, margouillat photo, shutterstock.com

Seite “all-pages”, Cute funny dog with flying pet accessories and dry food on color background, Pixel-shot, shutterstock.com

Seite “all-pages”, Soccer player kicks of the ball, TndmAgency_Yuliia Zatula, shutterstock.com

Seite “all-pages”, Lawn mower in the garden, Andrey tiyk, shutterstock.com

Seite “all-pages”, Organic essentials aroma oil with mint on aged wooden background, Antonova Ganna, Shutterstock.com

Seite “all-pages”, Advanced technology automatic titrator for dosing chemicals, surasak_Photo, shutterstock.com

Seite “all-pages”, Solar panels with wind turbine and sunset m concept power energy in nature, Lovelylady12, shutterstock.com

Seite “all-pages”, Set of different light bulbs, stockphoto-graf, shutterstock.com

Seite “all-pages”, Shisha in night club party smokers, Gonzalo vidania, shutterstock.com

Seite “ qr-codes-for-consumer-products” Grocery Shopping concept, Stokkete, shutterstock.com

Seite “ qr-codes-for-consumer-products” Happy young woman shopping and standing in front of shelf can smiles reading label, Progressman, shutterstock.com

 Seite “ qr-codes-for-consumer-products” Shopping cart stagged on blue background, Fascinadora, shutterstock.com

Seite “ real-estate “ Family looking at home, Stocksmart start, shutterstock.com

Seite “ real-estate “ Woman holding phone with QR Code sign, Aleksandr Merg, shutterstock.com

Seite “ real-estate “ City downtown display in laptop computer screen, Iconic Bestiary, Shutterstock.com

Seite “beauty-and-personal-care “ Beauty background with facial cosmetics products with empty copy space. Makeup skin care concept with pastel coloured background, Redpixel.Pl, shutterstock.com

Seite “beauty-and-personal-care “ Set of decorative cosmetics on color background, Africa Studio, shutterstock.com

Seite “beauty-and-personal-care “ Satisfied young woman customer checking her parcel with cosmetics, Prostock-studio, shutterstock.com

Seite “beauty-and-personal-care “ Fashion woman objects, cosmetics set with fan of one hundred dollar bills on white background, Studio Art, Shutterstock.com

Seite “textiles “ Store clerk scanning products with a smart phone, metamorworks, istockphoto.com

Seite “textiles “ Attractive woman checking bar code in shopping, Arten Ermilov, shutterstock.com

Seite “textiles “, Woman’s hands with a qr code label is a shop, Monika Wisniewska, shutterstock.com

Seite “textiles “ A rack of colourful clothes with a blue background, Sketchepedia, freepik.com

Seite “travel-and-tourism “ Young man holding cloud full of famous monuments of the world in his hands, sdecoret, shutterstock.com

Seite “travel-and-tourism “ Portrait of smiling with colourful cases looking at camera, Studio Romantic, shutterstock.com

Seite “travel-and-tourism “ Family walking by sunset beach, Bicho_raro, istock.com

Seite “travel-and-tourism “ Young beautiful girl in dreams, thought and reflection about travel, Mr Trush, shutterstock.com

Seite “travel-and-tourism “ Woman attentively looking at paintings in art museum, KackF, stock.adobe.com

Seite “foot-wear “ Athlete runner feet running on road, sutadimages, shutterstock.com

Seite “foot-wear “ Hands holding different men and women shoes and boots, Luismicss, shutterstock.com

Seite “foot-wear “ Young Asian man holding casual sneakers standing over isolated red background, Krankenimages, shutterstock.com

Seite “foot-wear “ White sneaker sports shoe on a gradient background, David Peperkamp, shutterstock.com

Seite “foot-wear “ Banner of a young healthy Asian schoolboy putting on his running shoes by himself in the playground, shutterstock.com

Seite “baby-products “ Asian mother and dsughter playing toy in house, WitthayaP, shutterstock.com

Seite “baby-products “ Young tired single mother suffers from headache closed eyes touch forehead sitting on couch while her daughter and son running around her and shouting, female babysitter feels exhausted by noisy kids, Fizkes, shutterstock.com


Seite “baby-products “ Happy preschool age children play with colorful plastic toy blocks, FamVeld, shutterstock.com


Seite “baby-products “ Flat lay composition with baby accessories on color background, New Africa, Stock.adobe.com

Seite “food-industry “ Lima, Peru-Circa 2013, A group of women work in a selection line of a olive factory circa 2013, in Lima, Peru, Christian Vinces, shutterstock.com

Seite “food-industry “ Young pretty woman holding a burger isolated on white background having doubts and confused face expression, Luis Molinero, shutterstock.com

Seite “food-industry “ A pretty young woman scans the composition of the body cream, Steklo, shutterstock.com

Seite “food-industry “ Mannual checking of tarocco oranges in the carriage of a modern production line, Marco Ossino, shutterstock.com

Seite “high-performing-materials “ Scientist doctor hand holds virtual molecular structure in the las as concept, ESB Professional, shutterstock.com

Seite “high-performing-materials “ Cute Caucasian bearded construction worker with safety helmet on head in vest standing with arms crossed, Dusanpetkovic, freepik.com

Seite “high-performing-materials “ Interested multiethnic scientists gathering around 3-D printer and watching, Frame stock Footage, shutterstock.com

Seite “high-performing-materials “  Female scientist analysis liquid in the beaker and types down Observations on her computer, Gorodenkoff, shutterstock.com

Seite “medicine-and-health-care” Black smart phone concept connect to communication via on line Technology, Supermao, shutterstock.com

Seite “medicine-and-health-care” Scanning Qr Codes with mobile smart phone, isolated on white background, Atk work, shutterstock.com

Seite “medicine-and-health-care” Indian woman Surgeon, Chanawit, shutterstock.com

Seite “medicine-and-health-care” Unhappy woman employee cry read bad news in paper letter, Vector bird, shutterstock.com

Seite “medicine-and-health-care” Medicine doctor diagnose in hospital, Muhammadsainnudin, stock.adboe.com



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