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QR Codes for Real Estate

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Dynamic QR Code Generator

House always gives the feeling of love, care and affections. People are always looking for the emotions in their houses and properties while searching and buying them. They are eager to know about the property each and every detail which they are looking for. Moreover, they have something in their mind to connect with the property and house when they search for buying. They are all the time curious about it.

Information always drives the decisions

Information will definitely drive customers curiosity and let them take their decisions very fast. Now it depends how fast, rich and dynamic information can be provided to them to satisfy their needs. Quick response codes named as QR Codes are the best opportunity for this. These has become increasingly popular in recent years, with business and industries around the world using them to enhance customer experiences and provide them the quick access to the information. Real estate is one of those industries that adopted the QR Codes very fast.

Present QR Code with its problem

QR Codes for real estate are used for different purpose like, property listing, for sales signs, business cards, property flyer, app download, house virtual tours, house videos, house images and so on. However, with the present QR Codes, there exists a sever draw back that you can normally embed only one entity at one time, for example one home web page URL, or one you tube video link, one download able file and so on, It means that you need many QR codes to present yourself and the property to your customers. Another sever drawback is that you have to have live web URL first to make the QR Code and then to direct the customer to that website after scan. It means you have to make the web page live all the time until you want your customers to visit the web page. So, you have to secure the domain, hosting and hire the developer for this. More over this is not so dynamic as it is needed to be for the present-day fast-moving market.

STT Article QR Code generator
Solution for many problems at one platform

STT QR Code generator, an innovative solution for future

STT_ Scan to Tell brings the innovation solution for all of these problems at one platform. With STT QR Code generator, you can embed all of your data, all of your videos, images, texts, downloadable files, web links, social media links, compliance or quality certificates… anything and everything you want just in ONE QR Code and WITHOUT having any live web URL, buying the domain, securing the hosting and paying for the developer. Furthermore, it is 100% dynamic, means you can edit, add, delete, publish / unpublish…do whatever you want without changing the QR Code just with few clicks…. So easy and convenient.

Moreover, for the first time, STT provides the opportunity to your customers to communicate with you for a specific property or house just with one click. At the other end you will instantaneously come to know that which of your customer is writing what about which product. All this is done in the same single QR Code. STT technology permit you to enable or disable this chat feature for the specific property QR Code any time just with one click.

In additions STT also offers the STT Smart APP where your customers can save your house or property QR Code in their customised digital wallet along with their own memories and documents. They can access the fed data any time just with the matter of few touches. Surely this will provide the time and space for your customer to find their emotions in the property and connect them. In return this will increase your ROI.

How to create STT QR Code for the property
just in three easy steps

Step 1: Click Add new from the Article QR Code section and give your desired property or house name / number, press save and continue

Step 2: Enter all of the property or house data like name, Images, description text, videos, files, external links and many more as per your choice. Make the separate explicit segments as needed. Save the data where needed in the portal and make publish / unpublish the content after scan as per your choice

Step 3:  Click to create QR Code, download, print or send via email the generated QR Code Click HERE to see how does this work in actual

STT Dynamic QR Code generator
The first ever QR Code for your complete business

Benefits using STT QR Codes in real estate

So why are QR Codes such an important tool for real estate agents and buyers? On top of that it becomes more crucial why the STT generated QR codes becomes vital for real estate in contrast to other market available QR Code.

The answer lies here that with STT all you can do here at only one platform without having any live web site, domain and hosting. Below are the few out of many benefits which you will get with STT generated QR Codes.

1. Convenience

STT generated QR Codes provide a quick and easy way to access property information without doing the lengthy phone calls or website searches. STT platform provides all you need at one place which you require to optimize your marketing campaigns.

2. Efficiency

By providing the information upfront dynamically, agents can help buyers to make more informed decisions as compared to property visit in person. This saves the time and resources for everyone involved.

3. Increased interest

With STT QR Codes, by providing the detailed information about a property, agents can generate more interest and encourage more people to visit in person.

4. Flexibility

STT QR Codes can be used in a variety of ways, from property listing to sales Signs to business cards and more. This provides the versatile tool to the agents for different situations.

5. Customer connectivity

For the first time, STT generated QR Codes, provides the opportunity to write you for the specific property with the same QR Code scan and just with one click. At other end you will come to know at once with one click that which of your customer is writing what about which product. This technology enables your customer to connect the properties and you with your customer all the time and digitally.