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STT – Scan to Tell
Bulk QR Code generator

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Customers are always in hurry, they need the answers and solutions ASAP. So, it becomes very difficult to deal with the customers complain for your entire production along with to provide all of the product infos digitally.

STT – scan to tell production QR Code generator provides you the easy solution for this. Here you can generate the bulk QR Code for the fed specific Articles as many as you want including the production data like batch number, vendor, manufacture date and expiry date. When your customers scan the STT generated Bulk QR Code, they will not come to know about anything about your production batches, instead they will get all of the product infos of their own internet. However, once they send you the message for a specific product, you will instantaneously come to know about the production batches embed in that QR Code just with one click, from where you can trackback and rectify your whole production and supply chain.

Create bulk QR Codes in Three easy steps

Step1:Select the pre-fed Article and retrieve the entire data

Click Add New from the Production QR Codes section and select your pre-fed Article to retrieve the data.
Production QR Codes are generated for the pre-fed Articles CLICK HERE to learn more.

Step 2:Handle Product data

Edit, add, delete any data to be included in the Bulk QR Code and press Create QR Code CLICK HERE to see the complete step.

Step 3: Create production QR Codes

Enter the production related data as you want and press Create production QR Code to create the samples production QR Code and do the scan test. Enter the require quantity for the for bulk QR code and press Create production QR Code CLICK HERE to see how it works.

STT – Scan to Tell
Shaping the QR Code generating technology

How to track your Production QR Codes for customer support ?

When any one of your customers writes you about any of your product through STT customer communication Chat, it becomes vital to have its traceability just with one click, no matter how many QR Codes you have in your data base and how many customers are writing you.

With STT technology it has become super-fast and easy. Once your customers scan any of your generated production QR Code, they will not come to know about any of the production information, they will only see the Article / product information itself which you want to show them. However, when any of your customers writes for a particular product, from the communication box, just click the info button, a small pop will appear to let you know about the QR Code in question. If you want to know more about the product in your data base, simply click detail and see what you have fed for that particular product. It will help you a lot for your customer service and also you optimize your market campaign

Production QR Code listing and advanced search

Every saved article for production QR Codes is saved in the listing, whether its QR Code has been generated or not. Here you can see your generated QR bulk QR Codes as well do the search for the specific one and use many other tools to handle your tools and marketing campaigns

Production QR code fed info

  • Quick access for the individual fed infos for every production QR Code
  • Simply click the image under the image column
  • Complete fed infos

Production QR Code details

  • Simply press the number in the QTY(Quantity) column
  • All of generated production QR Code details
  • Quick access to the generated QR Code for scantest, download, print as well send via Email
  • Scanning data for individual production created Qr Code

QR Code Pop up

  • A fast easy and quick access the generated QR Code
  • Simply click in the QR Code Icon and have the desired QR Code pop up
  • Scan and test the QR Code and make changes if needed
  • Print, download as well as send the QR Code via Email

Variant Combinations

  • Production QR Codes having variant combinations will carry the + sign with their names in Production QR Code listing
  • Press the + button and see all of the possible Attribute variant combinations
  • Make the QR Code for individual Attribute variant combinations
  • Scanning analytics for individual Attributes variant combinations

Production QR Code scanning analytics

  • Total as well individual scanning data for the generated bulk QR Code for a specific fed Article
  • Click the icon in the Total scans column in the Listing
  • Total Scan, total saved to STT Wallet, time wise scanning data, country and city wise
  • scanning, device wise scanning as well as date for best performing labels


Editing, deleting, playing and pausing the production QR Codes

With STT platform it is very easy to edit, delete, play and pause the generated QR Code with just few clicks