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Create Bulk QR Codes

Step 3

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Generating bulk QR Codes

After completing the product data handling just press the Create QR Code button. It will lead to a pop up to cater the bulk QR Code creation

  • Just click the Create QR Code button
  • Enter the production related data the batch number, vendor, select variant combination, the manufacture as well as expiry date
  • The new batch number as well as new vendor can also be added here with just few clicks
  • Press Create Pre-Production QR Code, and do the scan test for the pre-production QR Code
  • Enter the required Quantity and press create production QR Codes
  • All of the production QR Codes will be created which can be downloaded, printed as well as sent to any one via Email
  • When your customers scan any of the production QR Code, they will retrieve all of the product info, but non of the production infos will be show to them
  • When any of your customer write you about the specific produced unit, you will instantaneously come know with one click the production data which you can use and rectify your production glitches