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QR Code Management

To be more organised and for strong control, QR Code management is divided into three separate categories

Track and analyse your each and every generated
QR Code and optimise your marketing campaigns

Scanning analytics

To have the clear and deep scanning analytics is indeed a persuasive tool. Particularly when you have hundreds of your products generated QR Codes are in the industrial and consumer market.

STT dashboard home and report section provides you the magical land to have all off your QR Codes scanning analytics in a very organised manner all the time in just few clicks.

  • Individual QR Code scanning analytics
  • Over all scanning analytics data
  • Individual users scanning data
  • Total scans as well as saving to STT Wallet
  • Country, city and product, wise scanning analytics
  • Time wise scanning data
  • Best scanned products and QR Codes analysis
  • Best saved products to STT wallet analysis
  • Best performing vendors analysis
  • Best performing labels analysis
  • Best performing categories

And much more…. CLICK HERE to know all about or scanning dashboard and mechanism

Obviously felt like speaking directly to your customers
Use our STT-Scan to Tell technology

Products customers communication

Have you ever wondered how your customer would carry on if they had problem using your products. Now with STT, for the first time, it has been super easy for your customers to write about any specific product and any time just with one click with the same QR Code scan

  • Increasing your customers engagement
  • More satisfied customers
  • Clear visibility about your product and customers interaction data
  • Traceability for each message for the specific QR Codes
  • Advanced chatting filters and analytical tools

Learn more to know all about the customer communications and how you can get benefits out of it to increase your ROI

Categories management

Create and organise your customised categories and sub categories as many as you want

  • More organised than ever before
  • Put your any of the article, production and personal QR Code in the desired categories
  • More visibility for your all of the created QR Codes saving lot of time and money
  • Giving you more control on your things and peace of mind

Profile management

  • Upload your personal data and your company logo
  • Enable and disable your company logo display upon QR Code scan
  • Mange your labels
  • Manage your certificates
  • Manage your vendors
  • Manage your sub logins

And much more…