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Make your customers feel to be more cared
Let them use STT Smart App

The first ever QR Code scanner APP where you can scan, create as well as save any scanned or created QR Code in your customised wallet. Access these saved QR Codes any time just with few clicks…making your life so easy.

For the brand owner, your customers can save your STT product generated QR Codes in their STT smart APP customised digital wallet just with one click and write you any time with the same scanned QR Code just with one click. With STT smart APP, they can also share your product digitally across the globe as well as put warranty or any other favourite alarms on your products … much more.

STT Smart App also enables you to digitalise your personal stuff. Save them in your customised smart wallet with images, files, links as you want as well as put the warranty or any of your loved reminders….and much more.

Scan, Create and Save the QR Code

  • Create dynamic as well as static QR Codes for Web URL, Text, Email, Phone, SMS, Calendar, WIFI and as your personal QR Code
  • Scan as many as QR Codes as you want
  • Save the scanned any QR Code in your customised digital wallet
  • Open and access the saved QR Code any time
  • Create and organise the dynamic QR Code for web URL, Text, Email, SMS, Calendar, WIFI, Phone as well as your personal QR Code
  • 100 % FREE

Customised digital wallet

  • Create your customised wallet
  • Make your own main as well as sub categories as many as you want
  • Edit, delete or add your categories
  • Organise your stuff in your desired categories
  • Quick access to any of your saved product
  • Advance search option for your saved products

Digitalizing your personal stuff

If you have scanned any of the STT generated product QR Code, you can save it simply pressing the Save button.

For all of your other offline stuff, either select Add new from the menu or select my stuff from the +red button at the right bottom corner

  • Save the product images as many as you want
  • Add or remove the desired images any time
  • Give it your rememberable name and select the desired category
  • Write any remarks to remember with the product
  • Put the price, purchase date as well as the warranty expiry date if needed
  • Our STT smart APP will ping you for the product before its expiry date
  • Add all of the product documents like warranty cards, bills, invoices, Email communication, contract document, claim paper, insurance documents anything either by directly uploading or simply taking pics with your camera
  • Your saved product is displayed in your smart wallet in the chosen category as well as om your home screen where you have the quick access for the fed infos
  • A QR Code is generated for every saved product which you can share to any one globally
  • For on line (those products whose QR Codes have been generated with STT QR Code generator) saved products you can re-visit the original info page any time simply by clicking the open button in in QR Code pop up.

Making your life much easy

Try it now

Specific product communication

Now it is possible with the STT generated QR Code and the STT Smart APP that you can write to the companies any time with the same scanned or saved QR Code. For the brands it brings a great opportunity to get connected with their customers very fast than ever before.

  • After scan, from the same product info page, simply hit the button “Click to connect NOW!”
  • A text box will open where you can write your message to the company and press send
  • This sent message will be stored in your inbox which you can after words retrieve and continue with the company any time
  • Once the company replied to you, it will come to your Inbox in the product specific chat room
  • To know about the product for which the communication is going on, press the info button on top right corner in the chat room
  • You will be directed to the product in question info page…a very good visibility and time saving


With STT smart APP you can put any number of desired reminders/ alarms on your saved personal stuff as well as saved QR Codes. Moreover you can save the purchase and warranty expiry date. STT smart App will automatically remind you for the warranty as well as for the subjected alarms.

  • Unlimited reminders for one saved product as well saved QR Code
  • Warranty expiry alarms
  • Automatic push Notifications for your warranty as well as other reminders

Save your time and money
With STT Smart App

Manage your settings

STT smart App gives you the complete control for personal setting

  • Manage password
  • Enable / disable push Notification
  • Upon scan open the URL automatically or manual select to open
  • Choose to directly go to Camera, home or touch to scan upon opening the App
  • Edit and manage your profile
  • Manage your payments methods

Download STT Smart APP for Andriod and ios