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Smart solutions
for busy people
The first ever sustainable QR code tells you everything
 just in ONE SCAN
Every product has
a story to tell
Tell your complete product story just with ONE QR Code
All of your URLs, videos, images, files everything you want
Just in one QR Code WITHOUT any live website, domain and hosting
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Smart solutions for busy people
The first ever sustainable QR code tells
you everything in just in ONE SCAN
Every product
has a story to tell
Tell your complete product story
just with ONE QR Code
All of your URLs, videos, images, files Everything
you want
Just in one QR Code WITHOUT any live
website, domain and hosting
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Smart solutions
for busy people
The first ever sustainable QR code tells you
everything just in ONE SCAN
Every product has
a story to tell
Tell your complete product story just with
All of your URLs, videos, images, files everything you want
Just in one QR Code WITHOUT any live website,
domain and hosting
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STT-Scan to Tell QR Code generator

Stepping up the QR Code generation and your marketing to NEXT LEVEL.

With STT dynamic QR Code generator, it is NOW possible to create dynamic QR Codes that include all web URLs, videos, files, photos, texts everything and anything you want in a single QR Code, WITHOUT the use of a pre-live URL, domain, or hosting. Additionally, using the same QR Code, your customers can send you a one-click message at any moment regarding the specific product they scanned. As a bounty, the STT smart app for Android and IOs enables the digitalization of personal physical items the way you like.


QR Code for industries
and consumer products



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STT-Scan to Tell

As a product owner, I’m constantly seeking innovative methods to interact with my customers in real. The first step in doing this is giving customers quick access to all of my product information via digital means through their smartphones. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate pre-built, dynamic QR Codes for live websites that would have been adequate to deal with the market’s rapid change. Additionally, I am unable to provide my customers with the kind of honest response they need in real-time about my items.
STT – Scan to Tell technology gives you a unique solution on a single platform and takes your company ahead of the rest of the market. Without having an actual website URL, hosting, or domain, you can create product QR Codes here that contains all of the texts, images, videos, files, web URLs, social media links, and anything else you would like. Additionally, STT technology offers you the first-ever STT smart APP, which has numerous creative and intriguing features and allows your clients to save your product in their own digital wallet Learn more…

Track your each and every produced unit in the market

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FAQ’s Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between STT QR Code generator and other QR Code generators?

Typically, a QR code only contains one element at a time, such as a web URL, an image, a downloadable file, a video, or a social media connection. While STT-generated QR Codes do not require a live URL, hosting, or domain, they can dynamically carry whatever you want to integrate into one QR Code. You can access all the encoded data on your smartphone in the way you desire after scanning the STT-generated QR Code.

Can I use STT QR Code to provide my customers with all the information about my products?

Yes, you can create a QR code with STT to give your customers digitally stored and most importantly, dynamic information about your products. With just one QR Code, you can now digitally integrate all of the product information, including user guides, instructional videos, photos, sizing charts, and certificates, without the need for a live URL, hosting, or domain. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.

Can my consumers use the STT-generated QR Code to communicate about a certain product?

Yes, it is the first time a consumer may write, complain, or ask any question about the same goods in their possession at any time with a single scan and click of the same QR Code created by STT.

Can I use STT technology to generate QR Codes for my entire production?

Yes, it is now incredibly simple to create bulk QR Codes with STT QR Code generator for your entire production, including the production data such as batch number, vendor, manufacture and expiry dates along with all of the other product’s digital data, just by entering the necessary quantity and with a single click. After scanning, this production data is not visible to the final consumers, but you can utilise it to improve your production facilities and procedures.

Are the STT-generated QR Codes dynamic?

Yes, all of the products, bulk and personal QR Codes generated from the STT QR Code generator are dynamic, which means you can change any content without changing the QR Code.

Does the QR code produced by STT includes multiple URLs at one time?

Yes, you can put all of your web addresses, pictures, videos, text descriptions, and downloadable files in ONE QR code.

What are the advantages of utilising the STT QR Code generator?

The STT QR Code generator has numerous advantages over conventional QR Code generators, including the capability to contain as much digital data as you like in a single QR Code. It enables you and your customers to quickly and simply interact with the same product’s QR Code at any time. Additionally, you do not need to purchase hosting, register a domain, or have a pre-built website in order to make STT QR Codes. In addition to letting anyone keep your product’s STT-generated QR Code in a specially designed digital wallet, STT also offers very thorough and comprehensive scanning analytics. Explore all of STT QR Code’s advantages by scrolling down.

How can I develop trust in the STT QR code generator given that I have never used a QR code?

Typically, QR Codes are not used since they are somewhat uninteresting. A single entity is contained in a normal QR Code. As a result, you must scan each QR Code independently, such as those for videos, files, and several social network links for a single product. Furthermore, you are unable to save and keep your preferred QR Code with a chosen name, add files and alerts, etc. The technology and methodology for creating QR Codes have evolved, thanks to STT QR code generator. You can now include as much info as you like in a single QR Code. Your consumers no longer have to scan a different QR code for each entity; instead, they can access all they require in one place by scanning a single STT-generated QR Code. You may evaluate your ideas as you like… Nothing is off-limits.

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your belonging and their documents digitally

With the STT smart App, can I scan the QR Code?

Yes, you can scan all types of QR Codes with the STT smart App, including those that STT generates for products, in bulk, on your own, and elsewhere. When you scan a product’s QR Code created by STT, you instantly receive all of the information the company wants to send to their clients, including photographs, videos, user manuals, downloadable files, certificates, etc.

How can I save QR Codes in the STT smart App?

STT smart App provides each user with a personalised digital wallet in which they can save any type of QR Code generated with or without the STT QR code generator. You can also save your documents, photographs, text comments, and much more with the saved QR Code.

Can I customize the QR Code by including images and documents?

Yes, you can name the QR Code, choose the primary and subcategories in your digital wallet, add as many images and files as you want, and set your chosen alarm.

What exactly is the STT digital wallet?

STT smart application provides each user with STT customised digital wallet, in which the user can create the main and sub-categories as needed, keep personal physical items and QR codes, as well as associated documents and photographs, set expiry and favorite reminders like alarms, and enjoy other fascinating features.

How do I save my personal real belongings in my STT digital wallet?

You can keep any type of online or offline personal items in STT smart wallet in a couple of simple steps. For material on the STT platform, simply press the save button, now update the name, add or remove pictures, select the category, upload the required files, and press the save button… that’s all.
For offline product saving, simply take photos of the items you want to store digitally as many as you want, give them your favourite name, select the desired category, put in any notes you want to remember, enter expiry, and upload any documents you want, such as invoices or warranty cards, and click save. Your saved product will be added to your STT smart wallet in the category of your choice, where you can see, edit, and share it at any time.

Can I contact the company directly about a certain product?

Yes, the STT smart APP includes a unique feature called product-specific chat. After scanning the STT-generated Product QR Code and viewing all of the information, proceed to the bottom of the page and press the “Click to connect Now” button, which will display a message box with the image and name of the product in question. All you have to do is type your message and send it. Your message, along with all of your subject product information and your query, will be automatically sent to the company. The company can respond to your query, which can be seen in your Inbox. From there, you may begin two-way communication… it’s so simple now, thanks to advanced digital technology.

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Make your product more understandable instantaneously

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STT-Scan to Tell


STT technology innovation offers you with a highly user-friendly platform where you can put all of your product details into a single QR Code without the need of a live website, acquire hosting, or secure a domain. In the same QR Code, you may integrate unlimited variety of data, including text, photographs, files, video, URLs, and anything else you need to describe your items. STT also enables you to make the desired segments in the same one QR Code for your product like user manuals, supply chain detail, sustainability, safety instruction anything you want and put the needed information in them… no restrictions. If your product is coming with different variables (like color and size in case of  garments), STT technology offers you the very easy mechanism to handle it and provide the exact data to your customers. The QR Codes generated by STT are 100% dynamic, allowing you to hide and unhide content with a single click without deleting the content or altering the QR Code.
When the end user scans the QR Code with or without using the STT smart App, she/he will receive all of the provided information in an ordered manner on the smartphone. However, with the STT smart App, she/he will have access to a bunch of additional features such as contacting the company about a specific product, keeping it in a personalized digital wallet, setting expiry and other alarms, and so on Learn More… 

STT – Scan to Tell

Digitally connecting you to your consumers and the consumers to your products

and services, and most importantly, we build this with TRUST

Is your product still in the dark? Are you aiming to broaden your business?
Here is the fact why you should be using STT tchnology to scale up your business

Frequently asked questions

About QR code generator and QR code scanner

What is meant by QR Code?

QR Code is an abbreviation for “Quick Response” Code, which is a two-dimensional readily changeable barcode that, when scanned by a digital device, leads to data stored in a series of pixels in a square shaped net. The more information added, the more intricate the design of the QR Code becomes. Denso Wave created it in 1994, and we currently use it in various marketing and advertising plans.

What is the difference between dynamic and static QR Code?

The content of a dynamic QR code (URLs, videos, files, or any other object) may be modified without altering the code itself. However, when the content of a static QR Code changes, a new QR Code is generated. Furthermore, static QR Code scanning cannot be tracked; scanning counts and analytics are intended for dynamic QR Codes.

How can STT QR Codes help me to enhance my marketing campaigns?

For the first time, the STT QR Code generator provides a platform where you can generate QR Codes for your product that include all of the text, web URLs, social network links, photos, videos, downloadable files, and many other features all in one QR Code. STT goes one step further by allowing your consumers to communicate with the precise product in hand at any time and in any mode using the same QR Code, all with a single click. Furthermore, the STT smart APP allows your customers to keep your goods in their personalised digital wallet and return to your product’s information any time. As a result, STT offers a full user journey to engage your consumers with your items and organization. STT gives you the freedom to implement your ideas, refine your marketing efforts, and boost your ROI. For more information CLICK HERE to see how STT can empower your company to make more money.

What kind of QR Code does the STT QR Code generator provide?

It provides three different types of QR Code

  • Article QR Code: For your specific product/article, where you can include all of the product information only one QR Code, without any live URL and hosting
  • Production QR Code: Bulk QR Codes for your entire production for each and every produced unit including the production data and the product information you already entered in the Article QR Code section.
  • Personal QR Codes: These QR Codes are standard QR Codes that are capable of carrying one entity at a time. These include dynamic and static QR Codes for the entities’ Web URL, Text, Email, Phone, SMS, Calendar, Wi-Fi, and your personal QR Code.  CLICK HERE to discover more about these various QR Codes.
How to create QR Codes with STT QR Code generator?

Sign up for a 14-day free trial or select any of the packages, you will get a complete back-end office where you can create and manage all your Articles, Production and Personal QR Codes. Start your Free Trial now. Start you Free Trial now

Being an STT user, how could I know which customer is writing about which product?

It is crucial to understand who of your customers is writing to you about which product. This is useful in producing new marketing techniques as well as innovative products.
STT Technology has made this extremely simple. To access the customer product chat, simply click the “Info” button in the upper right corner. It will show a pop-up, explaining everything about the product being talked about. CLICK HERE to find out how you can do all of this work.

How to Save QR code in STT smart wallet?

For the first time, our STT Smart APP allows you to keep scanned QR Codes in your personalised smart wallet with photos, files, reminders, notes, and other items. After scanning, simply click the “Save” button in the STT App, which will take you to the same page with auto data chosen for the product, personal QR Code, and third-party QR Code, where you can enter your additional needed information and save it all with a single click. After that, you may easily retrieve the stored QR Code from your wallet with a few clicks at any time. CLICK HERE  to view all of the STT smart App’s hidden features.

Are STT generated QR Codes Free?

Yes, you may produce as many personalQR Codes as you wish, both exclusively and in quantity. All of these free-created QR codes are dynamic as well, which means that you will receive scanning metrics for these QR Codes. For this, you must sign up for our Basic Package for Individuals, see our available options  HERE.

How can I scan / read the QR Code?

Now a days it is very easy to scan and read the QR Code with your smart phones. With iPhone, you do not need any app for this. Simply open your camera and focus on the subjected QR code. The iPhone camera will read it and pop up the linked infos. For the Android phone you need a QR Code scanning App like STT smart App to scan the QR code. Open the STT smart app, then open the Camera and direct it towards the QR Code. The APP will read the embed infos and deliver to you.

Does STT generated QR Codes have any scan limit and expiry date?

Nowadays, scanning and reading QR codes with your smartphone is fairly simple. Simply open your camera and focus on the topic QR code. The iPhone camera will read it and display the related information. To scan the QR code on an Android phone, you’ll only need a QR Code scanning app like STT smart App. Open the STT smart app, open the Camera and point it at the QR Code. The APP will read the embedded information and displays it to you.

Which one is the best QR Code generator?

The standard and existing QR Code has various restrictions, including the ability to store just one entity at a time, such as one URL, one text, one video link, and one downloading file. To express all of them to your clients for a single product, you must utilise more than one QR Code. This is both frustrating for your clients and difficult for you to manage.
STT has provided a highly novel solution to all of these restrictions. You may put as many entities as you like in one QR Code here, even if you don’t have a live web URL, domain, or hosting. CLICK HERE to discover how it all works.

Which Industries Does the STT QR Code Generator serve?

In practice, the STT QR Code generator may be used everywhere to provide important information to your consumers while also engaging them digitally. STT Technology is initially being supplied for a variety of industries such as consumer items, engineering and mechanical industries, medicine and health care, textiles, real estate, and so on. CLICK HERE to learn more about all of the industries available.

Do STT-generated QR Codes have any scan limit and expiry date?

No, they do not have a scan limit or an expiration date. These will remain valid and functional for as long as you would like.

How do STT-generated QR Codes contribute towards sustainability?

These are the first ever long-lasting QR Codes that tell you everything with a single scan. These contribute to sustainability in a variety of ways. For example, the STT QR Code generator eliminates the need to print instruction manuals, safety sheets, and other paper materials; these may now be readily incorporated into One QR Code. You may inform your consumers about the sustainability of your products and your company’s sustainability criteria. CLICK HERE to read the full tutorial on how STT QR codes help with sustainability.

Can I use STT generated QR Code for commercial purpose?

Yes, of course, as long as you want.